The 5 Essentials For Creating An Online Business

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There is a big misconception about making your living online. Everyone thinks it is “easy”. You just jump on your computer and post something on Instagram that goes viral or hope your home made bracelet ecommence store takes off.

Don’t get me wrong, these things happen and people can pick up a lot of money if there product, post, or service takes off online! But it’s so rare.

I’m going to share with you 5 ESSENTIALS for creating an online business:

1. Create systems and process that are proven to work.
First off, you need to come up with what it is you want to sell, do, or create that will bring you a profit. This could be blogging, YouTube videos, marketing services, selling clothes, and on and on.

Once you know what you want to sell, start to create systems and process around them that other people in that niche have proven to work. Go on YouTube, type in “how to setup a clothing ecommerce store”. Just about anything you want to know can be found on the internet. Start to build a duplicatable process of how you go about selling a product/service and then do it over and over.

2. Craft an irresistible offer to attract people.
“Well Devyn, how am I supposed to sell my product or service?” Do not fear! Think of how you could add the absolute MOST value to a customer for the price. When you go to Costco, almost everyone has to stop and get a hotdog… it’s only $1.50! That’s a good deal. Take this same logic into providing your customers or clients with the most value at the best price. (Oh yeah, make sure you do the math and make sure you’ll still be profitable.)

3. Become really good at marketing.
If you can’t market your product or service, who’s going to ever know it exists? There are so many forms are marketing that could be elaborated into thousands of pages but I’ll stick with my favorite. Social Media Marketing. Start doing your research and learn what the best platform would be to build an audience of loyal followers and then just monetize it. Don’t be overly obnoxious when promoting your product but you can start to mention it.

4. Become really good at sales. 
Likewise with marketing, if you’re not any good at sales, how will anyone ever buy it? If you are selling an expensive service (ie. $1,000+) you’re going to HAVE to talk with leads before they buy. Nobody just goes online and drops thousands. People need their hand held and to be talked through why it is priced the way it is. Provide value. 

If you’re selling a t-shirt or something at a lower price, you can sell this on autopilot. Create an ecommerce store with your products, drive traffic to the store from your social media posts (or ads), and watch people start to buy! The process is simple, the details of optimizing everything can be tedious.